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US Armor Tactical Armor series




A workhorse amongst our tactical line, the Tactical Assault Vest (T.A.V.) is currently in use around the world by a wide variety of teams. It provides maximum coverage while still maximizing mobility.

The Cover Plus has proven itself very useful in situations that demand quick preparation. The adjustable shoulder and side straps allow the operator to quickly raise or lower the vest, providing the best fit - eveytime.
The MSTV offers a fully modular tactical armor package, where each ballistic panel is removable ensuring complete flexibility for the operator.
This vest was born out of the LA County Sheriff's Gang Enforcement Team's need for a vest that offered a high degree of protection, while still ensuring the officer's mobility.




A highly modular rifle plate carrier, the ERPC allows the operator to modify their protection to each mission's unique and critical requirements. It can use front, rear and side rifle plates. longer

The RPC Carrier is a simple, yet effective armor plate carrier, designed and developed to provide added protection over an existing concealable vest.
The Tac-Con vest is an overt style ballistic vest specifically manufactured with the international market in mind. Included with this vest are front and rear plate pockets.