Built for maneuverability, the Ethos series is a light and thin package offering maximum mobility for wherever the job may lead. Designed for the most discriminating wearers that demand high performance at the lightest weight.

Special threat testing is available and performed at NIJ certified independent test facilities. NIJ test protocol certifies models to specific performance standards, while special threat testing uses the same facilities and conditions to test popular rounds specific to regional threats.

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Standard Features

  • Certified to NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance
  • Hybrid design featuring Twaron® and Spectra Shield®
  • Ethos IIIA is special threat tested against 9mm 127gr SXT +P+ RA9TA, 357 SIG 125gr GDHP, 5.7x28mm HP SS195LF 27gr and 5.7mm x 28mm SS197SR 40gr Blue-Tip
  • Exclusively patented ballistic desiccant for moisture management
  • Water-resistant panel cover with heat-sealed seams
  • Compatible with Orion Concealable Carrier [OCC], Low Profile Concealable Carrier and all GH External Carriers

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Optional Carriers

Ethos II: Weight 0.60 psf Thickness 0.16″
Colors: Black, Navy, Tan, White

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Ethos IIIA: Weight 0.86 psf Thickness 0.21″
Colors: Black, Navy, Tan, White

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