Level III rifle plates are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to enhance ballistic protection. Plates vary in weight based on size and thickness, as well as compositon and cover material.

NIJ 0101.06 Level III rifle plates are certified against the 7.62 x 51mm M80 @ 2,780 fps +/- 30fps. Some plates are also tested against additional rounds through independent special threat testing.


  • Sizes: 6×6″, 6×8″, 8×10″, 10×12″
  • Shapes: Full Cut, Shooter’s Cut
  • Curvatures: Single-Curve, Multi-Curve
  • Compositions: Composite, Composite/Ceramic, Ceramic
  • Covers: Polyurea, Cordura, Painted

A reference chart for all Level III plates and detailed specifications for each model are provided below.

Threat LevelSeriesNIJWeight (psf)ThicknessPDF
IIIRefChartSee PDFSee PDFpdf
III180106See PDFSee PDFpdf
III180206See PDFSee PDFpdf
III180306See PDFSee PDFpdf
III180506See PDFSee PDFpdf
III180606See PDFSee PDFpdf
III180706See PDFSee PDFpdf
III180706See PDFSee PDFpdf