The largest model Baker Batshield®, affording extensive ballistic protection to one or two officers. Defeats multiple impacts from most handgun, shotgun and pistol caliber sub-machinegun threats.

  • Allows the primary user the ability to have both hands on standard law enforcement weaponry
  • Easy transition between handguns and long guns
  • Vertically sized to provide a portable & comfortable stabilized armored sniper weapon platform
  • Grants officers the ability to safely reload while positioned behind armor protection
  • Delivered with the Soft Carrying Case for vehicle storage
  • Comfortable 2-position hand support strap behind high-impact ShokPad™ foam protection
  • Unique Bungee Lanyard and Hand Support System carries weight, enhances balance and eliminates any tendency to rotate


NIJ Threat Level Rating: Type IIIA

Armor Material: Proprietary Baker Ballistic Polyethylene Reinforced Composite (PRC™)

Ballistic Capability: 9mm 124gr. FMC Exceeding 1700 fps

Standard ID Banner: POLICE or SHERIFF Identification Marking (customer choice)

Available Options: LED Lighting, Custom ID Banner

Weight: 13.2 lbs.
Coverage: 7.7 sq. ft.
Color: Flat Black – other colors available with multiple unit purchases (contact factory for information)

Available Option for All Models:
LED Light System with finger on/off switch, battery pack, control panel, intensity & battery condition indicator and wide angle high-intensity LED light